Tim Ray

At the beginning of Tim’s journey, he evolved into a player, a man who could approach any woman and get the digits. He made his name as a popular Daygame coach, (one of those guys that teaches other guys how to get laid) He did in-person lessons, and he even built a huge YouTube following. 

All of that changed when he fell in love.

If you think you need a rocking body, or a better personality or tips and tricks to get the opposite sex to fall in love with you, then this episode is for you. Tim Ray is a relationship coach and founder of Timraycoaching.com where he teaches people how to attract and evolve into the person they want to be loved.

Tim and I talk about the stages of his journey from player to evolved man, the concept of becoming a man, and the ways you can pursue freedom in your life right now.

Connect with Tim: 👉🏿 https://www.instagram.com/traytoday/

Visit Tim’s Website👉🏿  https://www.timraycoaching.com/

Books Mentioned:

Go For No: https://www.amazon.com/Yes-Destination-How-You-There/dp/0966398130

PODCAST WEBSITE: https://www.jordanbaylordraft.com/

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